Posted by: eightweleve | August 19, 2009

on new seasons

lately i have noticed that most of my faithful blog writers have slowed a bit recently, and not many people are staying with it. the blogs i enjoy reading haven’t been updated in months, and i think i might be having a little blog withdraw? of course, then i realized that i haven’t written much on my own blog later either. so this is my attempt to kick start ole again. i promise i have thought about posting things for a while now, but nothing has really materialized of late. im not going to promise that i will write more going forward, because life is kind of screaming by right now. but if i do write more frequently again, maybe the posts will be a little more stream of conscious instead of cohesive essays (ha).

anywho, i digress.

sally and i have been in a season of transition for a while now. for example, the last two and a half years have seen us: get married, change jobs twice, buy and move into a house, and have a son. and mix in those big, grown up changes with the fact that the vision of our lives have been constantly redefined as well. a few years ago, we were both moving towards living overseas and working as missionaries in a different culture. then Jesus had us let that go (i suppose – though it still feels significant). and now we are just focusing on how to minister as a family where we are…and if we happen to make it overseas at some point, thatd be cool (really cool). and as much as we would like to think that we were getting closer to moving out of this season of transition, another change presents itself to us.

our church community ( meets in home groups, called ‘clusters’. the cluster that we have been a part of for the last year and a half has been called the mercy cluster. it has been focused on reaching out to the poor and needy in our city (broad vision, i know). i say ‘has been…’ because our mercy cluster is multiplying out to three more individualized clusters – still focused on reaching the poor and needy. the group that we have been positioned with has about 4-5 couples in it, and is now committed to reaching out in a specific, lower income neighborhood – faculty heights. this is the neighborhood we used to live in before we bought our house. we stayed with this group because we had a little inroads into this neighborhood, but mostly because of the other couples in this cluster have become dear friends of ours. but lately, this commitment has become pretty heavy for us. i am working in oklahoma city (ie. ‘the city’) and dont get home until around 6p every day of the week. and then mason goes to bed between 73o-8p every night. so that leaves about 1.5 hours to get home, recover from work, eat dinner, and try to make it over to faculty heights to pray and/or meet people.

yeah, tough, huh? and heavy.

so we have spent the summer just waiting on the Lord to see where/how we are supposed to be…but hadn’t really received much leading. i had pretty much decided that we would just have to make it work, even if it took a little more energy (that we didn’t really have in the first place) to be more a part of the mission of our cluster.

(cue transition music)

so to get to the point of this post, (long story long) we have discovered that there is another cluster in normcom that appears to be a much better fit for where we are. i will spare you the details because this post is getting pretty long. (but if you have read this far, then i know that you are committed to finishing it – ha) the thing that sally and i have remarked the most about as we have been praying about switching is that it feels really freeing. it doesn’t have this heaviness over it, and it should be able to release us in the areas that we haven’t been able to have time for in this current cluster (our neighborhood ministry, inviting in friends, freelance designing, etc). and the focus is more on equipping and releasing us where we are, and then if God wants to do a new thing out of that, there is already stated freedom to be blessed to do it.

out of all of this i have been reminded about new seasons. there is something freeing and releasing about them; something i have been missing for a while now, without even realizing it. so if we have to stay in this season of transition just a little longer, i suppose i could be ok with that. we are just sojourners in this life anyways, right? we should probably just get used to it.

thankfully He sojourns with us.



  1. oh man, i hear you. the summer out here has been particularly emotionally exhausting for me… and it’s all about transition. i have so many friends that have become so close move away – it’s just a 2-year program, after all. a roommate moved out, and i am having the darnded time finding a new one. now my other roommate is moving out, and i’m realizing that this is the first time that I haven’t been the one moving. i was telling a friend just recently that i’m feeling like i’m in this constant state of transition… and i probably will be for the rest of my life. it’s hard, and i need to learn more about how to effectively grieve the losses and welcome the new. thanks for that bit about “thankfully He sojourns with us.” i hadn’t thought about it (mostly since i blame Him!), but it’s true.
    i love you guys.

  2. I’m sitting here trying to write somethig sweet and spiritual and it’s all coming out kitschy (effusively or insincerely emotional).

    Really what I want to say is that I totally get it, and think you guys are in the right place. The grass will always be greener-heck Peter asked about John’s future and Jesus had to tell him to not worry about it but to just follow Him where He was leading Peter.

    Here I am over a decade since I decided I wanted to go…and the timing is so perfect. I couldn’t see it before I got here but now that I am here…it’s beautiful.

    Where you are is beautiful too.

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