Posted by: eightweleve | September 22, 2009

on being true

i wanted to title this post, ‘on integrity’, but then i discovered that i had already used that title on this blog before. and, being the good creative person that i am, i decided to name it something more creative – because there is nothing worse than unoriginality? (see anything nbc does on tv these days…anywho, i digress)

i had a meeting at work towards the end of my day that really emphasized the importance of being true; of having integrity. in a nut shell, i was blind-sided by some things i was told concerning how i am being perceived by some of our clients in our company – that is entirely off-base. now Jesus has really given me a lot of freedom in this area in the past; in this area of people pleasing – so, praise God, i don’t really care too much about how i am perceived, unless it is a character thing that i need to improve. but even then, it is almost a minor concern. but what had occurred in these particular situations was a lack of direct communication with me, and then some complaining/slander behind my back to those in indirect authority over me. and its one of those things that i realize that i cannot do a thing about. unfortunately the people making these complaints are just those type of people; ones that will tell you nothing by nice things to you, but throw you under the bus when you are not around – all in an attempt to make themselves look better, under the guise of ‘venting’.

as i sat there dialoging with this colleague, realizing there was nothing i could really do to change anything, i was struck by the importance of having integrity; of being honoring in all things. Jesus challenges me in the sermon on the mount to love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me. and honestly, laying here, i am not really mad at those people. if anything, i am sad. sad that they feel like they have to act this way; that my work environment is so two-faced. but, in a broken world, i am not surprised by things such as these.

but as i went back and tried to recall these scenarios, i felt pretty good about my interactions and responses with those people. i felt i was honoring, considerate, and more than accommodating. and, really, those are the only things that i have control over. if people want to complain about me, slander me, or worse, that is their thing. they will have to give an account to God about that one day. so all i can do is be compassionate towards their behavior, and look for opportunities to enter their world as Jesus would.

the easy thing is to compromise my integrity to ‘get em’, but the challenge is to be the man that Jesus loves.

i hope this makes sense. it seems really important to me in this season.



  1. encouraging, keep it up brother. thanks for sharing!

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