Posted by: eightweleve | October 3, 2009

on norman

i find myself recently praying more and more to be more in Norman. over the last couple of weeks i can remember asking the Lord after my weekly early morning prayer meeting that if He would open up an opportunity to be more in Norman, i would love that. and the funny thing is, i am pretty satisfied with my job in the city. i enjoy doing what i do (graphic design). i am fortunate to work for a great company; a conservative company; a company that appreciates its employees more than it does its bottom line. sure, there are a few discouraging things about my job – but that will be the case anywhere i work.

but it is more than that; more than just what i am doing at my job. i just have this sense that God really is up to something here in Norman. there is a lot of energy and expectation (healthy) within our church community. people are being healed and brought into the Kingdom – and its not that i dont think that He wants to do that at my work place too…its just different. maybe that spiritual momentum in Norman is what i am clueing into after each corporate prayer time? and i just want to be a part of it. simple as that. and it is just difficult at times to feel as consistent when i spend the majority of my day 30 miles away in a different city, ya know? i just wish that i could work for the same company, but be located in norman. maybe that is what seems so appealing to me with the thought of doing freelance design full time.

anywho, i just wanted to document my feelings about this recently. for now i am content to just wait on the Lord’s timing…whether He would open up something for me here in Norman (that would still be able to provide for my family) or not. i am hungry to be a part of what He is doing in Norman. even so, come Lord Jesus.


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