Posted by: eightweleve | October 6, 2010

on character

Lately I feel like the Lord has been highlighting how crucial good character is, especially in the work environment. It really is everything. Things like hard work, consistency, flexibility, good attitude, willingness to help are areas that I feel like He is helping me to walk out. And its not that I am trying to get something from them, like a raise or promotion; its more that I am learning that those things are pleasing to Him. Because if they didn’t really matter that much to Him, then I probably wouldn’t care too much for them. They’re heavy and difficult to shoulder, especially with all of my other family and community responsibilities. His pleasure and help allow me to not only do them, but thrive in them.

We finished watching ‘Wall Street’ last night, and that movie was yet another highlight of the importance of good character. And I think that for those of us in the Kingdom, it is not only about good character; it is about so much more. It is not only about being a hard worker and upright; its about representing The Father’s Kingdom to those we are around as well. It is the good character that gives us a platform to communicate and demonstrate the Kingdom. It is about showing our colleagues that there is another way to live; a better way to live; a redeemed way, in relationship with the Creator of all things. And that is best demonstrated in real life, with real issues and doubts, yet overcoming. I pray that my life radiates His life and redemption.

Even so, come Lord Jesus. You’re beautiful.


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